Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art

At the pillar of every Mexican society, so deeply ingrained into the culture, lies Folk Art. Encroaching Mexican Folk Art mandates a feeling of social upheaval and self-reflection. There needs to exist a willingness to support and sustain an artistic expression that upholds these artisans ways of life entirely. These artists have contributed immensely to the preservation and knowledge of Mexican roots, while simultaneously, incessantly adapting to the demands of the modern world. Zócalo serves to display the inexhaustible talent produced throughout every region of Mexico, and showcase the lifelong dedication of these artists to their roots, and tradition.

Artists we typically carry:





  • Silvano and Francisco Aguirre

  • José Luis Cerda Báez

  • Dámaso Ayala Jiménez



  • Guadalupe Hermosillo Escobar

  • Jesús Pérez Ornelas



  • Evaristo Borboa and Estonia Millán