Angel Santos Juarez

Angel Santos Juarez.jpg

Often spotted in his workshop in Tonala, Juarez can be found kneading his silica clay barefoot to achieve a semi-hard consistency. This consistency is required for the miniature jugs, and bowls Juarez is most recognized for. The sand-colored backgrounds delicately contrast the whites and vivid colors of hair-thin details coating the entirety of each piece.

Angel smoothes each piece with a special stone that he occasionally dips in water. Once dry they are bathed in a premade slip consisting of mixed clays and earthen colorants, the same as his paints. This slip provides a base color and seals the pores within the clay. Next comes the paint. Hair from various animals is pulled together to create detailing brushes, which he then utilizes to specialize each piece. Once painted the pieces are burnished to set the paint and avoid fading. They are then set in open kilns, fueled with wood, for about three to four hours. His work is sold and in the homes of collectors worldwide.