Gorky González Quiñones


Since Gorky can remember he was always drawn to uncovering the mysteries behind sculpting along with Rodolfo González, his father. Born in Morelia, Michoacán, he studied and worked alongside his father, developing his niche and perfecting his sense of volume and touch; he also learned a casting technique known as cera perdida.

Upon getting older Gorky went to Guanajuato to attend school. There he abandoned his craft, and only upon returning realized the technique he lost. Thus, Gorky worked tirelessly to regain his lost skills, acquiring numerous other useful ceramic techniques, his work won him the chance to study ceramics in Japan.

 He currently works out of his shop that happens to also be the courtyard of his house. Here lie various potter’s wheels, shelving for his creations and molds, and tubs for “fermenting” the clay. This clay is excavated from the Santa Rosa mountain range and spread out in the sun to dry. It is then sifted, re-moistened, and wrapped in plastic. For modeling, Gorky uses his potter’s wheel. Crafting them to their beautiful shapes, where he then free-hands their extravagantly detailed paintings. The pieces air dry to then be placed in the kiln. The first firing prepares the piece for enamel, this being made from tin oxide, or for a specific shade various oxides; copper oxides for green, cobalt oxides for blue, etc. Cat hair brushes are employed to apply flower, animal, and all other painting details. The second firing aids to fuse the enamels to the pieces, forming an impermeable glaze.