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Table Runners and Bedspreads

Explore our collection of vibrant table runners and coverlets in the Otomi embroidery tradition as well as items from Oaxaca, Chiapas, San Miguel de Allende, and South America. Each item is delicately embroidered by hand and often symbolize the personal dreams and life stories of the artist.


These delicately hand-embroidered pillowcases are not only an easy way to add a tasteful accent to any room, they tell a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and tradition. Many indigenous groups grow the plants to produce the thread and textiles used to make these beautiful accent pillowcases.



A loose fitting tunic-like garment usually made with three pieces of material joined together with stitching or ribbon.  Huipils are commonly worn by indigenous women in Mexico and Central America.  Ceremonial huipils, or those used in weddings or other special occasions, can be heavily decorated with embroidery, ribbons, lace and tassels.